They didn't spot the top,
Still searching night and day.
'Cause when they saw the Purple Valley,
One just had to stay. 

He tried to take the lead,
But he forgot indeed.
That searching for the top together,
Was the biggest need. 

A lot in him had changed:
His mind became a cell.
He tried to climb the top alone,
Suddenly he just fell. 

Underneath he lay,
The last words he would say:..
The others didn't hear the kid,
They just walked away. 

Journey to The Top x12 

The two were left alone,

They tried to find the top, alone, gave up,
But then three other guys, they helped to rise
And now they try to reach the top with five. 

Well this is
Their journey to The Top,
Well actually this is,
Our journey to The Top,
'cause it is now a fact,
That we're them and they us.
We're never gonna stop,
We're gonna reach The Top,
We're gonna reach The Top!