They didn't spot the top,
Still searching night and day.
But when they saw the Purple Valley,
One just had to stay. 

He tried to take the lead,
But he forgot indeed.
That searching for the top together... lees meer


Six o'clock there goes my timer I press snooze
get up and go, to work.
Only minutes being late it takes to find out
that my boss, 's a jerk. ​

Hours later my boss tells me I'm not done
which I'm supposed, to be.
After days like these that just happen... ​lees meer


I'm not an artist, I'm Kurt Cobain.
Look at my haircut we're almost the same.
I'll sing you some sentimental soul.
Covered by kick-ass rock 'n roll. 

How is it up there in your castle,
Aren't you happy you're inside?
And now you realize... lees meer


There once was a boy that was big for his age
not in tallness but mentalwise.
When he was in school he could get all the girls
with his smile and his gentle eyes. 

To everyone he said that he was fine,
that he was gonna be OK.
And everybody thought that he was... lees meer