Now is the time for us to find our road to Rome
By car or by plane, a train that leads us back
We travelled too far, to stop this little game
Our vision will change; we won’t rename or stay the same


‘Cause we tried so long to find an easy way,
Into the skies. The roads will guide us far away... lees meer


When I try to turn it on
I found out the light was gone
It broke down and fell in two
Eversince I look for new


On a bed of gold they say,
Looking at the crowd all day
In a box of glass you lay
Let me free you if I may... ​lees meer


Another misty night in town
Another band, the same old sound
A boozed up girl shows all her friends
Her flashy looks, her sexy dance


And all I see are blinding lights
The purple sparks they fill my night
Like fireflies they fly away
To different heights in different ways... lees meer


Live a life of ease in which you still have some fun
Yeah finish all the studies that you ever begun
But live in the moment, the best is yet to come


Thank the time for being there and having begun
Thank all your friends and family for what they have done
But live in the moment, the best is yet to come... lees meer